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Active Start

Active Start Program Overview:

  • We don’t play actual games against other teams: Active Start has no place for competition.
  • We focus on having FUN and becoming comfortable on the ice by using simple group skating games and other fun activities.
  • We focus on maximum participation: everyone is involved and active at all times.
  • We will use modified/divided ice surface to allow more groups to participate.
  • When possible, we will strive to use modified equipment that is scaled for the size of the participants (e.g. smaller nets).
  • We will develop basic skating skills (basic stance, falling and getting up, edges, balance on skates, start, stop, walking all directions, forward/backward stride and glide). 
  • Although it is not a requirement, it’s best when a new Active Start Athlete has had some prior skating lesson/training like a “Can-Skate” program. 
  • We will introduce sticks and rings, playing fun games to learn how to send, receive and carry a ring (on or off-ice).
  • Introduce the concept of Ringette by playing mini-games.

Activities will encourage and promote the development of:

  1. group social skills (interactions, sharing, taking turns, helping)
  2. showing what you can do
  3. confidence


Children are required to wear full equipment (including ringette mask and ringette stick). Children without full equipment will NOT be allowed on the ice.

NOTE: Each player will be provided with a St.Albert Ringette jersey at the first practice. This will need to be returned at the end of the season.

The list of equipment includes a certified helmet with ringette mask, neck guard, chest and shoulder pad, elbow pads, protective gloves, ringette pants, girdle, knee/shin pads, skates, and ringette stick.

**Hockey pants with shin pads and socks are also acceptable**


GROUP 1 (Saturdays - 7:15 am to 8:15 am)

**Until December**

Madison Cadzow

Hattie Mitchell

Kaitlyn Miller

Birkley Schell

Alice Grimard

Jenna Marko

Everly Picardo

Rebecca MacLaren

Wendy Wu

Tenley Morin

Taya Wade

Mila Wolff

Willow Todd

Kate Korownyk

Avery Plewes


Group 2 (Saturdays - 8:30 am to 9:30 am) 

** Until December **

Jordyn Turner

Brooke Dunmore

Freya Hilkewich

Kamryn Stiles 

Ella Lutic

Daley McPherson

Skylar Logan

Caitlin Fortowsky

Mikaela King

Zoey Dorval 

Piper Hippola

Emma Rurka

Brooklyn Peters

Ivy Morgan

Nora Brown

Everliegh Bootle

Charlotte Kuzyk

Isabelle Dean

Penelope Hopkins

Neena Lindsay

Hannah Turner

Dallyn Dobson

Welcome to St.Albert Ringette - Active Start Program

Active Start Division Coordinator

Robyn Kumish


I started my ringette career at 3 years old and continued to play until 2008 when my team won the National Championship right here in St.Albert. After that, I switched to hockey (I know… ) for 2 years, then stopped skating all together to focus on my studies in the Theatre Arts Program at MacEwan University. After completing the program (when I wasn't busy acting in local theatre shows) I began to coach with SARA as well as run arts programs through E4C’s Art Start program. It was there that I found my true calling… TEACHING! I am currently in my final semester of Elementary Education at the University of Alberta and will be starting my final practicum in St.Albert on October 10th (the same day as our first practice).

This is my 5th year coaching with SARA and I am loving it more and more every year! I am beyond excited to meet all of you on Tuesday, October 10th for our 5:45 pm practice! If you would like to know anything else, feel free to send me an email or chat with me before or after practice! :)


I believe that children at this age should be taught the fundamentals in a POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING environment that promotes CONFIDENCE. I strongly believe that children need to feel successful before you are able to challenge them.

My goals for the season are:

•    Each child will have fun and learn to love the game as much as I do

•    Each child will learn fundamental skills and improve.

•    Each child will learn basic rules of the game and practice etiquette