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      BGL Session 2 Schedule Uploads

      11/22/2016, 7:00am MST
      By Ron Heigh

      The BGL Session 2 schedule has been uploaded to the website.

      Please have your team managers review all games that have been assigned to you and advise if you notice any errors or omissions.  The BGL excel schedule can be found in the link below.

      Dibs Questions

      11/17/2016, 12:15pm MST
      By Anne Hanson

      SARA recently received some questions about the DIBS volunteer system from a member and we thought it would be helpful to share them with the membership as a whole.

      I’m wondering about claiming Dibs credits for coaching. Another mom and I are certified coaches and I work on the bench during games and the other mom provides on ice help.  Can we claim Dibs credits for this role?  If so, how would we go about doing that?

      We had a great discussion at the last AGM about the various roles that qualify for the Dibs credits. We agreed that the head coach and the manager would qualify for the Dibs due to the role and responsibilities that these volunteer positions have. We are in the process of finalizing the team rosters and submitting the “hard cards for the teams” to Ringette Alberta (the deadline for these was Nov 15th). We will be reaching out to the specific people who are in these roles in the next month and they will receive full Dibs credits for this season.

      Do the Treasurer or Team Manager roles count towards Dibs credits? And if so, how do we go about doing that?

      Based on our conversation at the AGM, the team treasurer role does not qualify for Dibs credits.  We can review for next season.

      Did the volunteer hours during the Turkey Ring count towards Dibs credits?  If no, why not? 

      There were specific roles identified that received Dibs credits for the Turkey Ring. This is our largest fundraiser and as it occurs very early in the season, it was determined by the board that this was a team event versus an individual volunteer event, and therefore the dibs credits were not eligible. We will be reviewing this for next season.

      Will there be enough volunteer opportunities offered to ensure people are able to work enough to get their two Dibs credits?  

      Yes. We have tracked and analyzed this based on past volunteer roles in SARA and the current members that have already received/collected Dibs credits.  

      What will be the approach to dealing with a situation where someone wants to volunteer but there has not been the opportunity available (as the opportunities have all been full)?  

      We are reviewing this as a board and following the remaining association events for this season, we will determine how many members still require dibs credit by the middle of March. We will then identify how many are interested in volunteering to avoid the $200 payment. 

      This concern is particularly of note for those folks who volunteered at the Turkey Ring but to date have not been able to get in on other volunteer opportunities. 

      As outline in the recent E-news, we have several upcoming volunteer events including the SARA raffle, the U12B provincial tournament that SARA is hosting, and the SARA equipment return at the end of the season.

      Winter Power Program - Now Open

      11/15/2016, 9:00am MST
      By Ron Heigh

      We have opened up the registration for our Winter Power Program,

      The SARA Power Program is ONLY available to players currently registered with SARA and carded in accordance with SARA’s policy and procedures. 

      The Program includes ten one-hour sessions and registration is limited.
          Level 1 - 20 registrants
          Level 2 - 25 registrants

      Ringette Alberta Game Sheets

      10/17/2016, 7:15am MDT
      By Ron Heigh

      Be aware there is an error on the new 2016/17 game sheets!  
      Under Penalty codes, Interference is missing.

      When an official is calling an interference penalty, please mark INT in the reason column. 

      Please make sure that you communicate this to whoever is working as the scorekeeper, as for the first while, not having that number/penalty will be confusing on the game sheet. Ringette Alberta has already printed enough for the season, but will fix this error on the next batch.

      There are a few other changes on the game sheet to be aware of:

      • There are only 3 copies, no longer 4. 
      • There is room under Team Staff to put in any Junior coaches. 
      • Goaltender's Record: 
        • Any goaltender stats should be added to the game sheets, this includes number of the goalie, shots, and goals. 
        • If a second goalie takes over net duties, then there is also room for that. 
        • Please try and fill this out as much as possible. 

      We know that some are still cycling through their older game sheets, so please do continue to use those as well. Ringette Alberta recommends using the new sheets for U10 to U14 if you have a mix of old and new.

      If you are looking to purchase more game sheets, please visit our online store or contact the office.

      Thank you,

      Lauren Koster
      Officials Development Coordinator

      Practice Schedule Uploads

      10/09/2016, 7:15am MDT
      By Ron Heigh

      We have finalized practice schedules for the first half of the 2016-2017 season.

      The schedules have be uploaded to your team sites (automatically).

      Please review the schedule and advise the webmaster if you notice any error or omissions.

      Servus Place & Akinsdale-Kinex Arena Warm-ups

      09/28/2016, 7:00am MDT
      By Ron Heigh

      To all users of Servus Place & Akinsdale-Kinex Arenas:

      As your seasons are starting up we are once again sending the warm-up guidelines to our membership so that everybody is aware and clear on the process. We respect the desire for pre competition dry land training; however we are limited as to available space, and are responsible for the safety of the teams and other patrons who frequent the facilities.

      Servus Place
      The option for Servus Place is outlined in the attached guideline is the safest and least disruptive to all patrons of the facility. 

      Please be advised that staff will be stopping teams that are doing activities in prohibited areas and directing them to the area designated as feasible. Teams in the designated areas of Go Auto Arena that are disruptive to the on ice activity will be asked to stop and leave the area. 
      We ask that all coaches and players comply with staff requests/direction.
      Akinsdale/Kinex Arenas
      All team warm ups in the seating/public areas at Akinsdale/Kinex Arenas are prohibited. Activity in these areas is unsafe, and is extremely disruptive to other users of the facility. Teams will be advised to utilize their dressing room areas for static warm ups. The City is currently working in partnership with St. Albert Minor Hockey in planning a project that deals with the warm up space challenges at Akinsdale/Kinex Arena. 

      Lost and Found

      09/19/2016, 7:15am MDT
      By Ron Heigh

      The following items were found at the player entrance to Go Auto today.

      • black Reebok ringette equipment bag
      • red Reebok gloves
      • new red and black Ringjet 500

      Text 780-298-9801 to make arrangements to pick up.