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What is Active Start?

Active Start is our program for beginning ringette players. These are players born in 2009 (inexperienced players), 2010 and 2011.

Our Active Start Program is based on the Long Term Athletic Development Model (LTAD), which is used by all sports in Canada and modified for each individual sport.

You can register your child in the Fall Session only, the Winter Session only or both sessions.

Overview of the program:

  • We don’t play actual games against other teams - Active Start has no place for competition. 

  • We focus on having FUN and becoming comfortable on the ice by using simple group skating games and other fun activities. 

  • We focus on maximum participation: everyone is involved and active at all times. 

  • We will use modified/divided ice surface to allow more groups to participate. 

  • When possible, we will strive to use modified equipment that is scaled for the size of the participants (e.g. smaller nets). 

  • We will develop basic skating skills (basic stance, falling and getting up, edges, balance on skates, start, stop, walking all directions, forward/backward stride and glide). 

  • Although it is not a requirement, it’s best when a new Active Start Athlete has had some prior skating lessons like a “Can-Skate” program. 

  • We will introduce sticks and rings, playing fun games to learn how to send, receive and carry a ring (on or off-ice). 

  • Introduce the concept of Ringette by playing mini-games. 
  • Activities encourage and promote the development of:
    • group social skills (interactions, sharing, taking turns, helping) 

    • showing what you can do 

    • building confidence 

Equipment Requirements for Active Start:

  • CSA approved Helmet 
  • Ringette Approved Face mask
  • BNQ Approved Neck Protector
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Protective Gloves (hockey gloves)
  • Hip/Tailbone/Genital Protection (Girdle)
  • Shin Guards
  • Ringette / Hockey Skates (no picks)
  • Uniform Jersey
  • Ringette Pants
  • Ringette Stick