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Return To Play: Sport Cohort Update

Friday October 9th, 2020

St. Albert Ringette would like to encourage all our members to click the link below to view  Ringette Alberta's recent meeting with League leaders. This short video explains  and discusses managing games in light of the limited number of officials we have available this season, how games are to be defined as league, exhibition and scrimmage / shinny and the critical importance of only individuals with proper training acting as officials.

This is important information for all participants in ringette this season and applies to all teams in the province whether they are participating in one of the main leagues or not.

You can watch the meeting recording here:



Tuesday September 29, 2020

Return to Ringette: Cohort Update

As the COVID-19 situation is ever evolving, the SARA Board has made the decision to adjust our policies regarding sport cohorts to reflect those set forth by Ringette Alberta.

RAB and SARA are very aware of and understand the challenges you are facing, including but not limited to: 

  • sport cohort pressures 
  • concerns related to availability of qualified officials
  • coach certification requirements

While Ringette Alberta still recommends that individuals limit their sport cohort participation, effective immediately,  Ringette Alberta will permit the combinations indicated in Table 1 to participate in a maximum of two ringette cohorts.

Those wishing to participate in more than one sport cohort outside of ringette, MUST inform Ringette Alberta. This information will in turn be collected and kept as part of RAB's risk mitigation measures, and will only be disclosed as part of any future legal proceedings, should those occur.

The SARA Board would like to remind all members, whether they are players, coaches, officials, or family members, that the safety of our players and membership is a shared responsibility.
Everyone has a role to play to keep themselves and their association healthy and safe.


Ringette Canada: Risk and Mitigation Webinar (pre-recorded)

Thank you to all the players, coaches, officials and volunteers who have returned to ringette this season.

We recognize that, over the past 6-8 weeks, everyone has been working towards a moving target as health orders change as does our understanding of how to apply them in the real world of our sport organizations while mitigating risk.

To offer some context, we strongly encourage you to take time to listen to this pre-recorded webinar hosted by Ringette Canada on insurance and legal matters, with emphasis on COVID-19. Some of the information will definitely be an eye opener for most.


Coaching Requirements

Ringette Canada has modified coach certification requirements for the 2020/21 season:


  • Must have at least one coach who has completed the typical coaching requirements for that division (listed here).
  • Female coaches are recommended but not required.

 Other coaches who do not meet those requirements:


REMINDER, as always, coaches:

  • Must adhere to the Rule of Two at all times
  • Must follow their provincial/local association screening policy (including criminal record check)


Coaching clinics will be available no sooner than October 15th and will be offered exclusively online. Registration and dates will be announced on basecamp to coaching directors and on social media.


While the changes to cohort restrictions, as described above, will partially address an extreme shortage of officials this season, it will not address it entirely. 

To ensure player safety and mitigate risk for Ringette Canada, Ringette Alberta, Local Ringette Associations and especially individuals, a simplified, self-directed, on-line training course has been developed to equip coaches with the information they need to officiate games and safeguard them from potential liability.  The emphasis of the course is on player safety and basic rules. 

This course is mandatory for only those coaches who will be performing the officiating role. Under no circumstances are coaches to take on the role of officiating without this training.

Ringette Alberta will provide local associations further detail in follow up communication.

Thanks Coaches and Managers!

September 24, 2020

Thank you to all of the coaches and managers that attended the coach and manager meetings this week. I look forward to working with you all this season, and would like to express on behalf of the entire board, our appreciation and thanks to you for your time and commitment to the athletes and association. 

Link to agenda:

Michael Tosto
Development Director
St. Albert RIngette Association

That's A (Tryout) Wrap!

Thank you so much to our hard working and dedicated board members and division coordinators for their tireless work and efforts over the last couple of months. The amount of hours that everyone has put in to make this season a fantastic one is greatly appreciated.

A huge thank you also needs to go out to our board members' and directors' families. Thank you so much for sharing your moms and dads, and husbands and wives with us, sometimes seemingly at all hours of the day and night.

We understand that putting this season together has been time consuming and sometimes stressful, and has definitely come with sacrifice and missed moments. Thank you for your patience and encouragement, it means the world to us all!

There is still much work to be done, and every day brings a new challenge! We are all doing the best we can to make this season one filled with fun, memories, development, and successes-big and small!

Wishing the best season for our athletes, coaches, officials, and families!

Jenn Tosto
Vice President
St. Albert Ringette Association

Return to Ringette for SARA Members

As the COVID-19 situation is ever changing, please check back regularly for updates and possible changes to our return to ringette directive. All future updates will be posted here.

Players, coaches and referees who are part of SARA must belong to only one sport cohort. A sport cohort is defined as a small group of the same people who can interact regularly without staying 2 metres apart. In choosing to coach/play/officiate within your ringette cohort, you are not able to elect to any other sport/performance cohorts while in phase two of Alberta’s relaunch plan. If members do not respect these rules, registration will be revoked.

September 8, 2020

Volunteers Needed! Chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate
We need your help, SARA families! We need volunteers for our Conditioning Skates and Tryouts. As DIBS are not a feasible option this season, we have decided to change things up a bit! For every shift you volunteer for up until October 1st, you will earn one entry into the draw to win a $100 St. Albert Source For Sports gift certificate! Please check back regularly for new shifts!
Volunteer Shifts can be found here:

Reminder of our Tryouts Protocol:

Prior to arriving at Arena, please ensure you complete the Daily COVID-19 Attestation & Agreement form. Participants will not be able to proceed past the check-in desk until this form is complete. We ask that only one parent accompanies each player to the arena and to follow arena/recreation guidelines of patrons in the viewing areas. Seating is limited. 

*walking skate guards are strongly recommended, as your player may be assigned to the Reliance Room as their change room/skate room for their skate.

Evaluation and Guidelines:

Any ice at Servus Place Arena please use the appropriate access.

• South doors – Sunday through Friday

• West doors – Saturday Registration – Table will be located outside building

• Arrive 30 min before your scheduled ice time, no sooner. Please check with SARA personnel out side the appropriate door before going inside.

• All required forms must be complete (Waiver & Attestation and Agreement). All players, coaches and on ice helpers must submit an Attestation and Agreement before each session.

• Players are asked come dressed; skates, helmets and gloves can be put on in the dressing room. Goalies may dress in the allocated dressing room only.

• No dressing in arena lobbies. • No equipment bags in dressing rooms, aside from goalies 

• Players will be given an evaluation jersey, pinnie or player identification number to place on their practice jersey. Players who are given a jersey or pinnie will keep it for all evaluation skates, and must return it at the end of their final on ice session.

• Players will be assigned a dressing room or designated area to finish preparing. Dressing rooms have restricted capacity due to facility guidelines.

• Parents are not allowed beyond the arena entrance doors. Exceptions will be made for younger players who are unable to tie skates.

• No warming up in dressing room, this must be done prior to coming to evaluation skates.

• Players are asked to keep masks on while in dressing room. Once the player is ready to put on their helmet, their mask can be removed.

• Bring water bottles filled from home.

• Players are not to leave the dressing room until advised they can go on the ice.

• After the skate players have 15min to exit the arena.

• Showers are not available for use.

September 4, 2020

Please review the attached tryouts protocol.
Your Division Coordinator will be sending out more information regarding the Daily COVID-19 Attestation & Agreement form, please check your email. Participants will not be able to proceed past the check-in desk until this form is complete.
We ask that only one parent accompanies each player to the arena and to follow arena/recreation guidelines of patrons in the viewing areas. Seating is limited.

Tryout Information is found here:
From there, please click the appropriate tryouts sub heading related to your division.

Tryout information or updates will not be emailed out.

A friendly reminder to our SARA families that all updates are posted to our website. 
It is your responsibility to check for updates.
Please ensure you are checking our home page, tryouts page, and your division page regularly for important information and updates.

September 2, 2020

Due to Cohort Restraints:
All Skate Groups Are Assigned. AA players may only attend the AA skates, and all other players may only attend the other skate.
 Players cut from SARA AA evaluations are able to skate in the A/B/C tryouts thereafter.

Volunteers Needed! Chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate
We need your help, SARA families! We need volunteers for our Conditioning Skates and Tryouts. As DIBS are not a feasible option this season, we have decided to change things up a bit! For every shift you volunteer for up until October 1st, you will earn one entry into the draw to win a $100 St. Albert Source For Sports gift certificate! Please check back regularly for new shifts!
Volunteer Shifts can be found here:

SARA Pant Sale!
As in previous years, we will be selling used game pants that players may use as practice pants. The cost is $30 (cash only), exact change is appreciated. Pant sales will be set up at the registration table at the Conditioning Skates and Tryouts, until sold out.

Open Registration Important Information:
Open Registration will close on September 15th. SARA will be hosting 3 Open A teams, and 2 Open B teams.
All teams have availability, and are looking for player registrations.
If you have any questions, please email Scott at

August 31, 2020

Conditioning Skates have been scheduled. Please be aware that these are free and optional warm up skates taking place prior to the tryouts. They are not being evaluated. Details for each division can be found on the Tryout Pages. Please RSVP to our Evaluation Directors  at

Volunteers Needed! We will require volunteers for the upcoming tryouts. Please watch here and our Social channels for a SignUp Genius link. WIthout your help, we cannot hold tryouts.
Sign Up link arriving shortly!

Coaches! Get your applications in! Deadline is September 8th. Application can be found here:


August 27, 2020

SARA will be hosting 2 physically distanced goalie warm up  skates. These are not evaluations, these are a chance for goalies to get their gear back on and work out any kinks before the tryouts start.

If any goalies are in need of equipment, please reach out to Jim at 

Goalie Warm Up Skates:

  • Monday September 7: 4:00pm-6:30pm at Go Auto Arena
    *please check back regularly for updates or changes

Goalie Tryouts (Technical Evaluations)

  • Tuesday September 8: 5:15pm-6:15pm and 7:15pm-8:15pm
    *More details will be released shortly


August 25, 2020

Coaching Information:


August 24, 2020

Tryout Information:

  • Tryout dates and times have now been posted. Please check the 2020 Tryouts page regularly as dates and times are subject to change.

Registration Information:

  • Active Start and Open divisions are still accepting registrations.
  • U10-U19 registration closes on August 31st.

Ringette Alberta Consequences and Safety Measures:

Ringette Alberta Non-Cohort Team Staff:

Ringette Alberta Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement (for Minors):

Ringette Alberta Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, and Indemnity Agreement (for 18+):


August 17, 2020

Evaluation Information (U10-U19, including AA):

  • In listening to our member's feedback, we have decided not to hold any evaluations prior to September 8, 2020. We wanted to ensure that our members have enough time between ending their summer sport cohorts, and starting in with their ringette cohorts. We also feel it is important that families have a chance to enjoy their last long weekend of the summer, and allow them to settle into their first week of back to school without the added stress of evaluations. Remember, you should be free from a sport cohort for 14 days prior to joining a new sport cohort.  The safety of our players and membership is a shared responsibility. Everyone has a role to play to keep themselves and their association healthy and safe.

Registration Information:

  • Registration for the U10-U19 divisions will close on August 31.


  • Active Start and Open divisions are open for registration.


AA Information:


  • Details regarding the AA Information meeting will be released soon. Please watch the website and social channels for updates.


August 11, 2020

AA Tryout Information:

  • At this point in time, we have tentatively scheduled AA tryouts for sometime between August 30 and September 7th. More information will be available shortly. Please continue to check back for updates.


  • Registration for the AA tryouts will open on August 11th via this link to a Google Form: AA Tryout Form


  • Deadline to register for AA tryouts is August 20th. Any questions regarding registration for AA tryouts can be directed to Colleen Caldwell at


  • The AA on ice tryouts is considered to be a cohort. You should be free from other cohorts for a period of 14 days before joining a new cohort. Please keep this in mind when registering for the AA tryouts. A cohort is defined as a group of people that cannot maintain physical distancing.


Cohort Information, as per RAB and AHS:

  • School teams do count as a sports cohort. You should be free from other cohorts for a period of 14 days before joining a new cohort.


  • Sports Academies may count as a sport cohort. If for example, the athletes are playing lacrosse, and they are in close contact, they are considered a sport cohort. If physical distancing can be maintained, it is not classified as a cohort, and will not interfere with the one sport cohort rule.


  • The coaches of school sports and academies are advised to connect with their school boards to determine if physical distancing is possible when coaching or teaching in the school academies and sports settings. IF, using lacrosse as an example again, the  teacher/coach is able to physically distance and wear a mask while coaching lacrosse during the day, they could then go in the evenings to coach ringette as part of their ringette cohort. IF physical distancing cannot be maintained, people should only be part of one cohort with the safety of themselves and other participants in mind.


  • Coaches: Head Coach vs Supplemental Coach: Coaches are allowed to be in one cohort and a "guest" or "supplemental" coach in another. However, when they are the "guest", they must maintain a distance of 3m from all participants, including other coaches, at all times and it is recommended they wear a mask or face covering.


Further Season Information (Subject to Change):


  • Coaching Applications for the 2020-21 Season will be available soon. Check back here for updates.


  • A SARA Return to Ringette plan will not be announced until after the BGL meeting on August 18th. Watch the website and social media channels for updates and information.


  • The upcoming season will have games, however, there will be mini-leagues forming a cohort of up to a maximum 50 people, including players, coaches, and referees. 


  • The idea is that there will be a mini-league for a session, then a 14-day break during which our team can practice together but not have games and then a new session would begin with a different cohort.  How we plan the season and how the teams are formed, will depend on registration numbers and further discussions with other associations and BGL. 


  • Under the current restrictions, there will not be any tournaments, provincials, Westerns or Nationals, however, it is possible these restrictions are lifted during the season. To make up for these absences, the number of league games is being reviewed by the BGL.


  • RAB's Return to Ringette guidelines indicate that each individual should only participate in one sport cohort at a time. The guidelines also indicate that Ringette Alberta may permit participating in a program outside a person's Health Zone. The application form will be available on August 15, 2020.  More information and considerations on this are under Participant Movement on the RAB website under RAB's Return to Ringette, Other Resources.


  • THe BGL proposal at this point is to split the season into 5 sessions, with sessions tentatively running as follows:

Session 1:October 16- November 7

Session 2: November 22-December 18

Session 3: January 3-January 30

Session 4: February 14- Early March

Session 5/Windup: Mid-Late March


  • The Edmonton Zone includes Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Riviere Qui Barre, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and Spruce Grove.



Thank you,

Jenn Tosto

Vice President

St. Albert Ringette Association

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