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Looking for an off-season sport? Try Lacrosse!

By Anne Hanson, 02/23/18, 11:00AM MST


St Albert Rams Lacrosse Club registration is open

Lacrosse is a great off-season sport for ringette.  It is very fast, promotes a high level of fitness, and improves eye-hand coordinate. 

Lacrosse is similar to ringette in that box lacrosse is a five-on-five game played in an arena with goalies.  There has been a lot of recent research and discussion regarding sport specialization and the advantages of being a multi-sport athlete.   

Lacrosse has a lot of transferable skills to ringette and vice versa and it is also our National Summer Sport.  Below are a couple of hockey links that speak to the benefits of lacrosse as an off season sport to hockey.  A lot of NHL players played lacrosse and promote the benefits of lacrosse, including Wayne Gretzky.  A list of some of these NHL players is included in the second link.

St Albert Rams Lacrosse Club registration is open and evaluations begin in March  For those wanting to register it is online registration and details can be found at:

If there you have any questions please contact the Rams at

Why Ringette Players Should Play Lacrosse