1. My daughter just attended the Come Try Ringette session in St. Albert. I would like to enrol her in Active Start 1 or Active Start 2. I would like to know the days and time commitments for each of these before registering. 

    The ice times are decided upon in September and are posted to the website as soon as they are finalized. You can find all information related to Active Start on the Active Start section of the website. If you have any other Active Start questions, please contact Robyn,  our Active Start coordinator, by email at ActiveStart@stalbertringette.com
  2. My daughter is 4 years old and does not yet know how to skate. On your website it states her birth year of 2012 is registration eligible but when I read through your site it states that ringette is for players 5 years of age and up. Can you verify please? And also if she indeed is age eligible but because she can't skate, would that prevent her from getting into the program? 

    SARA runs a program for first time ringette players called Active Start and your daughter's birth year signifies that she does fit the age restrictions for the program. Previous skating skills would help her maneuver the ice, although they are not mandatory.
  3. My daughter is 6 and wants to start ringette. Do you have a beginner program?

    We have an Active Start program and a U10 Program for beginners. You can find details about these programs under the 'team' tab as well as the ‘Game' tab.

    I would also encourage you to look at the Parents Handbook as it is a good resource to parents new to the game. which can be found under the “game” tab and parents FAQ section.

    If she is fairly confident with her skating skills she may be able to participate in our entry level U10 teams (we have 3 levels in U10.) The difference with the U10 division is that the teams play games.
  4. My daughter is 8 and is not an experienced skater. What level should she register in and how can she get prepared for the season?

    We will be getting the information about the process out to our membership for this upcoming season by the middle of September. In U10, we do hold “evaluations” which consist of 3 components: conditioning, UAA, and scrimmage.

    The evaluations help us sort the players based on their skill and athleticism so we have teams that are evenly matched.

    This process should not be seen as a test of the players skill or ability.
    The UAA is a mandatory process that is required by Ringette Alberta but the other components allow the girls some time to get used to their skates as well as play a few games prior to the teams being formed.
    This also helps them prepare for participation in our main association fundraising tournament, The Turkey Ring.
  5. My daughter has taken skating lessons last season but has never played ringette before. She is 7 years old and wants to try ringette this season. What are her options to learn and play this season? 

    The St. Albert Ringette Association hosts a FREE event annually called Come Try Ringette. All that is needed is skates, gloves and a helmet. The girls are on the ice with qualified hosts learning about the sport and trying out their legs on skates. If you are interested in this event, please visit http://www.cometryringette.ca/ to register. 

    We also host a division called Active Start, whichc is a great introduction to the sport of ringette. If you have further questions on this division, I recommend contacting the coordinator at ActiveStart@stalbertringette.com

  6. Can I sign up my son for Active Start?


  7. Will Active Start be Tuesdays at 5:45 pm and Saturdays at 8:30am again for the 2016-2017 season?

    UPDATE: With the exception of a few black out dates, Active Start will be Saturdays 8:30-9:30 AM, and every other Tuesday 5:45 – 6:45pm 

    The current ice allocation for Active start is tentatively booked for Tuesdays and Saturdays during the 2016-17 season. The reason we cannot confirm the Active Start ice allocation at this time is due to the fact we work closely with SAMHA and our Black Gold League to collaborate and share ice based on the needs of the programs. 

    SARA must allocate ice times for the Black Gold League games (U10 – Open Division) and this does not occur until September. We often will “reserve” ice times for our Active Start sessions but based on the league requirements, we are unable to confirm the exact date and time until just before the start of the season.

  8. How do you register for the 17/18 season? 

    Registrations for the 2017/2018 season will be accepted online in the spring and summer of 2017 on our website