1. I’m wondering about claiming Dibs credits for coaching. Another mom and I are certified coaches and I work on the bench during games and the other mom provides on ice help.  Can we claim Dibs credits for this role?  If so, how would we go about doing that?

    We had a great discussion at the last AGM about the various roles that qualify for the Dibs credits. We agreed that the head coach and the manager would qualify for the Dibs due to the role and responsibilities that these volunteer positions have. We are in the process of finalizing the team rosters and submitting the “hard cards for the teams” to Ringette Alberta (the deadline for these was Nov 15th). We will be reaching out to the specific people who are in these roles in the next month and they will receive full Dibs credits for this season.
  2. Do the Treasurer or Team Manager roles count towards Dibs credits? And if so, how do we go about doing that?

    Based on our conversation at the AGM, the team treasurer role does not qualify for Dibs credits.  We can review for next season.
  3. Did the volunteer hours during the Turkey Ring count towards Dibs credits?  If no, why not? 

    There were specific roles identified that received Dibs credits for the Turkey Ring. This is our largest fundraiser and as it occurs very early in the season, it was determined by the board that this was a team event versus an individual volunteer event, and therefore the dibs credits were not eligible. We will be reviewing this for next season.
  4. Will there be enough volunteer opportunities offered to ensure people are able to work enough to get their two Dibs credits?  

    Yes. We have tracked and analyzed this based on past volunteer roles in SARA and the current members that have already received/collected Dibs credits.  
  5. What will be the approach to dealing with a situation where someone wants to volunteer but there has not been the opportunity available (as the opportunities have all been full)?  

    We are reviewing this as a board and following the remaining association events for this season, we will determine how many members still require dibs credit by the middle of March. We will then identify how many are interested in volunteering to avoid the $200 payment. 
  6. This concern is particularly of note for those folks who volunteered at the Turkey Ring but to date have not been able to get in on other volunteer opportunities. 

    As outline in the recent E-news, we have several upcoming volunteer events including the SARA raffle, the U12B provincial tournament that SARA is hosting, and the SARA equipment return at the end of the season.
  7. Does Dibs apply to the Open Division? If so, is the player or the parent required to volunteer.

    The Open Division is not required to complete dibs for this season.
  8. What are the responsibilities of "Lotto Ticket Turkey Maker", found in the Dibs section, currently unclaimed?

    The lotto turkey maker is being claimed by the lady who made our lotto turkey for the raffle table. This is a member of the Turkey Ring tournament committee. If you are interested in being a part of the Turkey Ring committee next year, please contact Deb Stahn, the chair of Turkey Ring and she can add you to the list our organizing committee.
  9. I have completed one Dib and had one Dib commitment cancelled by SARA (third evaluation was cancelled), how do I get another Dib?

    The Dibs on the website will be added as different opportunities arise with the association throughout the year (tournaments, events, provincials, play downs, etc.). There will be many more opportunities come up, so please continue to check the website for available dibs sessions.