1. How do I know which evaluation session to go to? 

    The list of players that are assigned to each of the evaluation sessions will be posted as a news article on the respective division page. 
  2. I looked at the excel file for the U10 Evaluations, there are three times listed for each day but I have no idea which times my daughter is supposed to go to? 

    The registered players will be identified in alphabetical order for the first several skates.This information can be found under the team tab and the U10 division on the website. Please continue to look at the team tab to receive updated information as the evaluations progress.
  3. I see the schedule for evaluations but no player breakdown is listed under the teams/divisions. Where can I access this?

    We often have players registering at the last minute so usually we have the information posted approximately one week prior to the skates (but it can be posted earlier). 

    As our evaluation dates are staggered, the posting of this information will depend on the evaluation start date for your daughters division.

    The evaluation components include a conditioning skate, the UAA assessment (if required) and then the scrimmage skates. The players will be divided for the conditioning skate and then assigned to a specific ice slot following each skate.

    Please feel free to contact your division coordinator with any additional questions you may have.
  4. When are the U19AA evaluations?

    The U19AA evaluations are scheduled for August 22, 24 and 26 at 8:30pm at the Mark Messier Arena. If you are registered for AA tryouts, you will receive a letter next week with additional information. 

    We are also hosting a U19AA open house on August 18, 2016 at 7 pm in the Morinville Room, if you wish to attend to obtain additional information about tryouts and the upcoming season.