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The link above will allow you to submit a question to the association.  Some of the submissions will become our future FAQ's.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the time commitment like for new players?

    For Active Start, there are 15 practices for each session (Fall and Winter) and each practice is 1 hour in length. 
  2. Does my child need to know how to skate before enrolling in Active Start? 

    It is encouraged but not necessary for your child to be able to skate. However, taking a Learn to Skate program may help them feel more comfortable on the ice. 
  3. How much does equipment cost? 

    You will be able to find ringette equipment at sporting stores that sell hockey equipment. Shop around for best value - you do not need to spend a lot to get quality equipment! Also, check out the classifieds section of this website for used gear. 
  4. What is the time commitment for parents?

    It depends on the level you child is playing at. In early years, practices are once a week and an hour in length plus additional athletic development days, jamborees and tournaments. Your child's coach will provide you with a detail schedule for the year. 
  5. When do they start playing in tournaments? 

    Our U10 teams will start playing in tournaments. 
  6. What arenas do they play in? Are they all in St. Albert or is there a lot of travel? 

    Active Start athletes will play in local arenas but as they progress, there will be more games and tournaments in surrounding communities.