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Equipment Requirements

When purchasing ringette equipment, consider these two important details:

  1. Make certain the player is adequately protected
  2. The fitting should allow freedom of movement so the player can properly perform the necessary skills and enjoy the game.

A complete set of ringette equipment can be purchased for a reasonable cost. There are many discount sports stores in the St. Albert (and Greater Edmonton Area) that buy and sell used equipment. Please keep in mind that the equipment must fit properly to provide maximum protection.

Mandatory Equipment:

  • Helmet CSA Approved Helmet
  • Facial protector (i.e. face mask) - CSA Approved Type 5 or Type 6.
  • Gloves (the same type as used in Hockey)
  • Elbow pads (the same type as used in Hockey).
  • Ringette girdle and pants (these are different than used in hockey).
  • Shin guards
  • Skates (the same type as used in Hockey)
  • BNQ Approved Neck Guard regular or with collar.
  • Jersey - provided by St. Albert Ringette for games; players should have one for practices.
  • Ringette stick

Optional Equipment:

  • Shoulder pads
  • Mouth Guard